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Are Bulbs Required? We rarely say no, but in this case, the simplest answer is, no!

All RBW fixtures are built with an integrated LED module. This may take the form of a rigid printed circuit board, flexible LED tape, or CoB ("chip on board").

This article explains the type of light mediums RBW fixtures are built with.

Benefits to investing in LED technology:

Incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen are history. The future is illuminated by Light Emitting Diodes; low-energy, long-lasting light sources that offer a spectrum of warm color temperatures.

RBW understands LEDs. Light quality and CRI are our passions. Our focus is on dimmability and compatibility in both new construction and renovation projects.  

Consumer benefits of the RBW LED Module vs Screw-type bulb:
  • Convenience: the appropriate light source is included, no shopping for bulbs or testing what works best
  • No maintenance: LED module life extends well beyond the life of a screw-in bulb (see below)
  • Performance: Flicker-free dimming down to as low as 0.1% with RBW's Performance Dimming Options
  • Longevity: 50,000+ hours (@ 100% 24hrs/day) or potentially decades (with average use), before requiring LED board replacement