Generate Tear Sheet

RBW Tear Sheets are designed to provide you with portable information, giving you only what you need, and nothing you don't. Our customizable Tear Sheets are generated upon request, reflecting the choices you've made on a product configuration page.  

Visit Fixture Product Page

Select the product collection that you may be interested in specifying. 

  1. Click "Products" at the top of any RBW page
  2. Scroll down and select the collection of interest.
  3. Browse and select the required configuration on the product family page.

Customize Your Tear Sheet

The information you want to be highlighted and saved on a Tear Sheet can be customized based on your selections on the product configuration page. 
Here we're selecting a Hoist sconce with a Medium Shade, Large Glass diffuser, Blue Gloss finish, 2700K color temperature, and 110-120V Standard TRIAC dimming.  

Generate your Tear Sheet

You've made your selections. Now it's time for the magic to happen. Simply scroll back to the top of the page, find the "Generate Tear Sheet" Button, and click! You'll have the option to print out your customized tear sheet or save it as a PDF, depending on what's available on your system.